Manitobans urged to get in motion

A new program aimed at promoting exercise, healthy eating, and managing stress was launched today by the provincial government.

Moving Around Manitoba will provide registrants with kits to help track their physical activity, eating habits and other information.

Once online registration opens on April 20, participants will be able to earn "kilometres" for various activities, and complete a virtual trip around Manitoba.

"Manitobans who register for the program will receive useful information and tips that encourage a healthy, active lifestyle as well as help prevent disease and injury in the future," said Healthy Living Minister Kerri Irvin-Ross in a press release.


Turbo Kelly » Apr 9th 2007, 13:03


I think this is a cool idea. It's always nice to have something concrete to look at when seeing how far you've come.
I'm going to register, and see how it all works, if I remember by the time the 20th rolls around . . . mayhaps an update on the 20th would be a nice reminder? :)

Zumtastic Zumba Fitness » Dec 12th 2010, 19:51


I think this program is a great idea. A lot of people are picking up Zumba in Winnipeg as a great alternative to traditional aerobic classes. We've just started Zumtastic Zumba Fitness to help spread the word and get people involved in Zumba classes in Winnipeg. Our website is if anyone is interested.

Rachelle :)

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