Video » Rock stars to destroy Antarctica


Krista Simonson iMojo Krista Simonson vlogs about rock stars trashing pristine wilderness instead of hotel rooms.


Matt Pearce » May 2nd 2007, 17:09


Its like how John Travolta is speaking about making a smaller footprint on our earth by car-pooling and the guy owns 5 private jets....pfffffft.
He also spoke of the importance of helping the environment by using "alternative methods of fuel" - after driving down the red carpet on a Harley Davidson....geeezzz

but.....Ive gotta give the rock stars "some" credit. (just a bit) because, if I was in their position I would be using EVERY lyric, interview and sound bite to reach a larger audience and send a message...and I dont mean just vague global warming, Id REALLY stir up the pot!

Ive always had a lot of respect for groups like Public Enemy, Rage A.T.M., Propaghandi, The Clash, Billy Bragg, Antibalas, because they have the balls to speak out against whats wrong with the current system....but....when Christina Aguilera or another disposable lame flakey pop stars join this global warming bandwagon, you know its a sinking ship.....and, well.., I just looked up some of the performers, and yep! most are really weak. Most of these "artists" will be forgotten in music history, just like their latest tune on HOT 103.

This Antarctica idea sounds ridiculous.....we'll see what happens....Im sure the light and laser show will reflect on the icebergs nicely, just hold off on the pyrotechnics!!

Personally, Id rather see some big anti war concerts to bring awareness. The war in Iraq is out of control, and since Americans are obsessed with celebrities, Trump could even help! after his recent bashing of the war (which was barely reported of course)

well, thats my rant on my little soapbox!

P.S. Penguins are cool, I bet they'd rock out!

lynnn blynnn » May 8th 2007, 18:53


i'm only two feet tall so i can't get up on the soap box but i agree, most of the rich people don't do anything, however it seems that all we hear about, there is a lot of people out in the world that do good things, everything we hear about is always about the negative, the question here is what good do us little people do?(afterall i am only two feet tall but i try to do my bit), so what i'm saying is your rant is valid, but what do you do in your own way to make a difference, isn't it Dr. Suzzzukki who says, "we can all do our bit, and we CAN make a difference". i think these discussions are a valuable tool to voice our fustrations and to spread some good.

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