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I'm always amazed to go for a walk after dinner and find the Legislative grounds completely empty. In travels to Europe and Asia, I've found spaces like these are the best to explore, because relaxing and meeting in the park is part of the culture.

If Winnipeggers choose to hole up and ignore the city around them, that's fine by me. I just wish they'd shut up about our terrible community, because they're not doing anything to help.

Why wouldn't kids with trouble in mind think they own the streets of our city? They're the only ones on them.


Lindsay Winter Krista Simonson calls on Winnipeggers to use city parks


Matt Pearce » May 11th 2007, 17:27


People would rather watch their world through that glowing mind control box called television while sitting on their couch in soulless suburbia.....

Jim Burns » Oct 2nd 2007, 21:31


When I lived downtown on Young St and Hargrave St I always found the city to be empty least something like Canada day was on. People have gotten this bad image mostly due to a press hell bent on bad instead of good. People like Tom Brobeck who never seems to have any thing good to say. But offer no solution to the promblem

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