Hugh shows humanity in the end

Hugh McFadyen's stiffness during the campaign receded in his concession speech.
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I'm watching the concession speech by PC leader Hugh McFadyen right now, and I'm struck by the sincerity and humanity he is displaying.

He has a warmth in his speech that was sorely lacking during the campaign.

The ill-fated Jets announcement, and the sometimes wooden feel to his press events, left McFadyen well behind in the polls.

Whether McFadyen was relieved that the campaign was finally over after seeing the writing on the wall and he relaxed to show his usually private persona during the speech or he is actually better in a more off-the-cuff situation, is hard to say.

If he'd displayed this kind of warmth and energy and emotion during the campaign, he may have fared much better.


mr christian » May 22nd 2007, 23:55


That's such a common thing for a first timer.

You try so hard to be what others want that it becomes a persona that's hard to sustain over a long period. There are many people in politics that if you sat down and had dinner with them were great people but throw a camera in front of them and the persona takes over. After the campaign he might take a page form Doer's book and be comfortable in his own skin and people - like you or at will at least feel you're being honest and open.

Julian Moffatt of Visual Lizard » May 23rd 2007, 08:50


Short of the obvious gaffe with the way the Jets idea came across, for a first time run, Hugh did pretty well. However, as Mr. Christian says, he really needs to be comfortable in his own skin in front of the camera.

Personally, I couldn't watch any of the his media addresses without feeling awkward and immediately not trusting what he was saying. It all came across as way too forced. Hopefully his team and his party learn from this run and with any luck the Liberals can muster some more candidates for next election and we might actually have a 3 party race.

Matt Pearce » May 23rd 2007, 11:55


Politicians always come across as being slimeballs. Every party needs a guy like Uncle Buck for Winnipegers to relate to.

T M » May 23rd 2007, 13:43


I watched the speech and wasn't that impressed. He did a better job of saying the right things but I still think he is slimey!

The PCs are going to have to do better than this if they ever want a chance.

Author » John White » May 23rd 2007, 23:56


Having curled with Hugh briefly a while back, I can tell you he is not slimy. He is intelligent, humourous and focused. Perhaps like Stu, he needs to listen less to those around him in future.

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