What has happened to common sense?

As I listen to and read the news, I have begun to wonder what has happened to common sense? Is it just me or are there others who realize that half of the bad stuff that we hear about wouldn't happen if people took a moment to think? It doesn't take a genius to realize you don't drive the wrong way down a street at excessive speeds. You don't take a child from a good home and put them with a relative, that never stepped up in the first place, just because they happen to be the right race. Or the moment you realize that your medicine, your blood, your food or whatever is making people sick or killing them, you take it off the shelf- no matter how much money it will cost you. It seems easy. Why is it that no one gets it?


Ross McDowall of Visual Lizard » Oct 3rd 2007, 18:15


Hear! Hear! Common sense comes from good role models, whether they are parents, teachers or mentors. People learn by example. It is so unfortunate that today those examples seem to come from poorly behaved celebrities and media that seems to reward stupidity by giving it front and centre stage.

Your fifteen minutes of fame should come from heroic or selfless acts, not crime and stupidity. I think its time to teach the younger generations that being in the news or on TV by any means necessary is not smart or cool. Maybe if we can teach that, we will see a generation of more civic minded young people who actually have common sense.

Jim Burns » Oct 14th 2007, 20:28


Maybe it is time for parents to raise their children not society. Far to many don't won't or can't but still have them, Make the crutch of welfare avaible to only grade 12 grads not kids who deciede just to hell with school. Boy I could go on all night

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