Manitoba not a great place to visit!

So Lindor Reynold's (ed. note - link only good for 7 days due to archive limitations of the Free Press' website) is disappointed that Travel Manitoba didn't spend big bucks for a spot in Disney World's film about Canada. I'm not.

First, in a 14 minute film about a country the size of Canada, how much coverage could you expect? Second, what could we show that would entice international visitors to hop on a plane and head here?

Don't get me wrong, I love Manitoba. I was born here, I will raise my children here, and I will die here. But I am realistic. It is a great place to live but it isn't the best place for tourists! Sure we have some great things, but I can't think of one that another place doesn't have a grander version of.

Perhaps the only reason to come to Manitoba is to see polar bears in Churchill before we drive them to extinction. And I don't think you want to advertise that!


Robert Komosky » Oct 10th 2007, 10:56


Have you been anywhere in Manitoba to visit or have you just stayed in your own backyard. There are MANY great attractions for tourists to do and see here. If you have a problem thinking of any maybe you should take a trip to THE FORKS and visit the tourist Manitoba booth and pick up some pamphletes and see what your missing in your own Provence.

Ross McDowall of Visual Lizard » Oct 10th 2007, 11:33


I would have to disagree with you Robert. I think what the author is trying to get across is that while we have a wonderful Province, and I too have been to many places here, it doesn't Pop like other places here in Canada. We have the plains, but so does Saskatchewan. We have good fishing, but so does Ontario. We don't have mountains like Alberta and BC. We have an Ocean Port, but not as impressive as those on the East and West Coast.

I agree that The Forks is worth a visit, but it is after all just where 2 rivers meet. It has great historic value, but I would not likely hop a jet to come and see it.

From a traveler's point of view, Winnipeg is a "passing through" City. It's a nice stop on the way to somewhere else. It is rarely a final destination. Manitoba has much to offer, but everything that we have is also offered elsewhere in this country. A 30 to 40 second spot in a Disney Short at Epcot is probably not the best way to spend Travel Manitoba's Tourism Advertising dollars.

Author » T M » Oct 11th 2007, 11:38


I think Tourism Manitoba could better spend $500,000 upgrading their website (as they suggested) and promoting Manitoba to the people most likely to visit it- Manitobans.

Although I won't pretend that I am by any stretch, well traveled, I have left my backyard. I have even been to Disney World. And from what I saw, Tourism Manitoba was smart not to waste money advertising there. Think about it, what kind of people go there? Families with kids, seniors from Canada and amusement park junkies. I am sure Manitoba isn't the next on their list of places they need to see!

Kudos to Tourism Manitoba for recognizing their limitations and not being bullied into wasting money. Lindor Reynold should think before she criticizes.

Jim Burns » Oct 14th 2007, 20:21


The Forks could have been better if they would have not turned it into a mall with a courtyard. There are places on the east side of Lake Winnipeg that are world class but we won't take the responsibility of managing it right. The north is Great again we don.t sell it we sit and bitch about bugs and whine about what we don't have. No wonder no one comes it is called selling people

randy fyfe » Oct 26th 2007, 14:20


manitoba is a great place to live or visit,besides who wants a lot tourist polluting lake winnipeg or any other lake for that far as fishing in ontario i have fished in ontario and there not missing much.i live in ontario (soon to be winnipeg)and come summer time half the time they have warnings on the beach not to swim or fish.i have fished in selkirk and lockport and it is great fishing there.

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