New magazine has amateur sports well covered

Media coverage of amateur sports in Manitoba has long been something of a joke.

With amateur sports taking place in the province year-round, it’s understandable that keeping up to date with everything is a tall task for local media outlets, but one man has decided to try his best.

Tom Thiessen is the publisher and brains behind Manitoba Score Magazine, a new monthly publication completely dedicated to amateur, high school and university sports in Manitoba.

The magazine is a labour of love for Thiessen as he had been dreaming of starting his own periodical for some time. After doing the market research, Thiessen decided now was a good time to take on the challenge of starting a magazine, meaning time off from his regular day job at Manitoba Hydro.

Scott Taylor, a former sports columnist of the Winnipeg Free Press, is Thiessen’s head editor and he’s excited about the magazine, which is scheduled to hit newsstands in late October.

“I think Tom has really done a wonderful job and it’s a wonderful start,” said Taylor. “I just hope that the people in amateur sport that have complained about the media coverage in this town support this effort because there have been other magazines, and I’ve seen most of them over the last 30 years, and I think we have the best amateur sports publication this province has ever put out.”

Taylor has long been involved in the local sports industry and he is currently the sports director at 92 CITI FM radio and the television voice of the Winnipeg Goldeyes on Shaw TV. He’s never seen anyone as determined to succeed as Thiessen.

“What can you say about him? The guy did his research and he got his financial backing, but most of this is his own efforts, with his own money, and it’s really important to him.”

According to Sport Manitoba, 300,000 Manitobans participate in amateur sport activities. University of Manitoba dentistry student Hamish Varshney is one of them and he can’t wait to get his hands on a copy of the new magazine.

“I heard about this magazine a while ago and I’m really excited to see it,” said Varshney, an amateur soccer player. “There’s rarely any amateur coverage in the major newspapers in Manitoba, so this will be a nice change.”

Manitoba Score Magazine is available exclusively at Chapters and Mac’s Convenience Stores throughout the province.

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