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Oh CBC. You've done it again. Not only does CBC provide me great music (via the Radio 3 Podcast), and deliver me nightly doses of my "boyfriend" George Stroumboulopoulos on TV, I've found a new podcast that is fantastic.

CBC Radio's Search Engine, although it only launched in September, is now one of my favourite listens on my way to and from work. Hosted by Jesse Brown, a Toronto writer, Search Engine discusses tech issues. Not just tech issues as in: "Look at this new iPhone, isn't it cool?!", but how technology affects society, and vice-versa.

Discussions about jailed bloggers from China, to jedi-knight school trustees are sure to hook your interest. In fact, a piece about whether facebook groups supporting a free Burma are actually doing anything fired up many listeners and incited a very interesting discussion.

New episodes are uploaded to iTunes weekly, every Thursday. There are only 6 episodes so far, and each one is under half an hour so you can easily catch up. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

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