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Well by now you have probably heard about the Writer's Guild Association strike that is affecting TV production in Hollywood. In a nutshell, the writers want more money for their work. Especially as it pertains to their work being viewed online, which previously was not in their contract at all. The studios don't want to give it to them because they claim there is not tangible value to online content. Therefore we have a strike.

Obviously, I would have to side with the writers on this one. We know there is value to online content. Sometimes that value is monetary. Sometimes that value is in the community that builds up around the content. Sometimes the value is just in what a few other people get from reading or viewing your content. That's why we have been working on the internet since 1996 and producing our own original content for this medium.

I'm also missing the Daily Show, about one of the only things I watch on TV that uses writers - reality TV sucks and sports commentators clearly don't use any type of writing for their broadcasts - so when I came across the Daily Show Writers youtube clip on their side of the strike, I had to bring it here for all of you.

Who's side are you on and why?

Youtube Video

TDSwriters Daily Show Writers do a little daily show style reporting on their side of the writers strike.

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