A Behind The Scenes Look At The Airport Redevelopment

Screen shot of the web site
Photo Credit: Julian Moffatt

If you have been around Winnipeg for the last month or so you have undoubtably noticed the giant blue billboards and posters with the single word ARRIVING on them. They have been up around town since early October. There is also a small URL on those billboards that points to is a pretty interesting site, which I am proud to say we built along with our friends at Clark & Huot. The site provides a look into what is going on with our Winnipeg International Airport's, now officially Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, redevelopment process.

Over the past month, Carly over at Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA) has been posting inside looks at the construction, the architecture, chair choices for the waiting areas, looks back in time at the old airport and tons of other bits and snippets for your consumption. There are two very unique parts to what WAA is doing with the project.

The first is that this is a one of a kind chance for you to see behind the scenes into something that is happening in your city. Not only can you see what they are doing, but you can actually contribute to it as well, by joining the discussion at the site.

The other very interesting part to is that there are no other airports that are engaging in this kind of public discourse and openness. Winnipeg is leading the way!

So if you are looking for some insight into what is going on at the Airport, or you want to be heard in regards to some of the development that is happening, add to your bookmarks and check back frequently.

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