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Is that 20-year-old kid in the office driving you crazy? You know the one, he’s hip, he wears black, never combs his hair and spends his weekend at the clubs. He’s always telling every one else in the office what the cool bands are and what music he’s listening too making everyone else feel old and out of the loop. Fight back! Here are ten recordings from last year that need to find their way into your collection.

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black This hard-living, tattooed beehive hairdo sounds like all those 60’s soul girl groups after a weekend bender. If you like Aretha, Macy Grey, or the Supremes you’ll like this.

The Weakerthans - Reunion Tour Winnipeg alternative poet/heroes are back with their most commercial sounding record filled with odes to curling, cats, goalie Gump Wosley, and transit bus drivers. If lyrics are as important as music to you and you like folk pop buy this.

Wilco - Sky Blue Sky Wilco has been hip for the last 10 years. This record is less noisy than their last few discs and Jeff Tweedy’s in a sunnier mood. Folk/rock with some country bits.

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible Yikes can this band get any cooler? This is David Bowie’s favourite band. Orchestral with a huge sound packed with accordions, horns, violins to augment and colour their rock and roll heart. If you liked Talking Heads you’ll like this.

Neil Young - Live at Massey Hall The Master gives us a gem out of his archives. This 1971 acoustic set preformed just before he released Harvest is intimate and passionate. You’re a Winnipegger it’s your civic duty to buy this and cruise down Grosvenor playing it this summer.

Fiest - The Reminder Apple iPod commercials aside, this is a complex, layered, pop masterpiece from one of Canada’s coolest exports. Play this on your office PC and that cute girl in accounting will talk to you.

Robert Plant and Allison Kraus - Raising Sand Nope, not a rock album. This is Plant’s new passion and no passing fad. He teams up with bluegrass icon Allison Kraus to deliver a folksy mix of country, blues, rockabilly and swamp rock.

Bruce Springsteen - Magic He’s baaack! The Boss rocks out with the E-Street band and proves once again he’s still has a passion for arena rock and brings back the sax …yeah I said SAX. Think “The River” or “Born in the USA”.

Grand Analog - Calligraffiti Winnipeg hip hop band Grand Analog delivers a beat driven disc filled with samples, synths and razor sharp lyrics. Kick this on at the next office party and challenge the cool kid to a break dance throw-down…maybe not.

Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga A great rock/pop band that has that British sound. Sarcastic and cheeky. If you liked Oasis or Arctic Monkeys give this a spin.


Julian Moffatt of Visual Lizard » Jan 18th 2008, 23:19


Some pretty good albums up there CB. My top 5 for 2007 are:

Neon Bible - Arcade Fire
This album helped Wil and I code Without it those long nights would have been pretty hard to take.

Kings of Leon - Because of the Times
Caught an ear worm from these southern rockers on Entourage. Musically and lyrically you can heard Skynrd, The Stones, Dylan and Neil Young in there.

Radiohead - In Rainbows
Best Radiohead album in the last 10 years.

Pacha Massive - All Good Things
Another find through Entourage (HBO picks amazing soundtracks). This album is an awesome one for helping you shift into the groove.

The Weakerthans - Reunion Tour
Lyrically this is their strongest album. Musically it is pretty solid as well.

Some of my others for 2007 are Led Zepplin's Mothership, Kanye West's Graduation, Interpol's Our Love to Admire, Bloc Party's Weekend In The City, Neil Young's Live At Massey Hall and Daft Punk's Alive 2007.

I'm hoping 2008 is just as good.

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