FDA Clears Barrier to Clones as Part of Food Supply in the U.S.

Cloning in Food Supply
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Earlier this week the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) concluded in a 900 plus page report that the meat and milk from cloned animals is as safe to consume as from naturally bred animals. According to the FDA, the food consumables from cloned cattle, swine and goats “are as safe as food we eat every day.”

The report from the FDA was limited to cattle, swine and goats. They went on to say that they did not have enough conclusive data on other animal sources to comment on.

This report clears the way in the U.S. for producers to look into beginning to using cloning to sustain herds and provide an abundant supply of food to the consumer.

It is unlikely that the average consumer is going to see cloned meat or milk on the store shelves anytime soon as the cost associated with cloning is still far too prohibitive to make it economically feasible.

The FDA has asked that bio-tech companies who are pursuing food source cloning to continue to hold to a voluntary moratorium in order to allow the public to get use to the idea. The FDA has stated that when the market is ready to accept cloned meat and dairy that there will be no need for special labeling “because food derived from these sources is no different from food derived from conventionally bred animals.” That is to say that the same screening processes used for the natural food supply will also be applied to the cloned animals.

Also in its statement the FDA also noted that the products from cloned animals will not likely be available in significant amounts. Instead the products will likely come from the offspring of the cloned animals. It said that it is likely that the cloned animals would be used primarily for breeding purposes in order to introduce desirable traits into herds more rapidly than is possible through standard conventional breeding processes.

A spokesperson for Health Canada said that there are currently no foods from cloned animals approved for sale in Canada.

What are your views on cloning and the food supply? Would you be willing to eat meat or drink milk produced from a cloned animal?

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