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Photo Credit: Pacco J Pompei.

Why I use Color Film. Color films records most all the color of the spectrum. Nearly all colors can be reproduced by mixing only a few basic or primary colors. Color films are made with three color-sensitive layers, each of which records the wave lengths of lights in a different third of the color spectrum. Colors negative film is processed to be the opposite in colors and density of the original scene; then it is printed onto a sheet of sensitized paper to make a positive color print.

This is why I shoot color films to Print out my Black and White Photos the Classic way. Color films gives more details in my prints. The colors remain true and the tones are richer. I use the actual color photo as a guide when my Hand Tinting my Black and White Prints.

This is a Color Photo the Classic way.

This a Black and White Photo the Classic way, delivered inside my darkroom.

This is a Hand Tinted Black and White Photo the Classic way. Never computer aided in any way. Photo Art is Original and signed.

My Photo Art is Original. No one does it better. I can use either a Color or Black and White negative to create my Photo Art the Classic way.

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