Crescentwood Grizzlies Orange give St. Vital Mustangs Black all they could handle.

Grizzlie Defense
Photo Credit: Tony Demarin

Tough Game.

Sunday August 23rd the Crescentwood Grizzlies Orange team met on the Cresentwood field to battle the St. Vital Mustang’s Black squad.

St. Vital has always fielded competitive teams and this edition would be no different.

The Grizzlie Orange knew that to be competitive we would have to make the blocks and execute the playbook flawlessly. So, all week the coaches pushed the kids running rep after rep and going over blocking schemes and assignments. A tornado warning was the only thing that postponed practice and even that only forced us inside to look at game film. No one on the Grizzlies was taking the Mustangs for granted.

We knew that our team was a little undersized this season and had worked out an offense that relied on team speed and huge dollop of Coach Neil’s deception and misdirection. We hoped a fast team with lots of offensive options would drive their defense to distraction and keep us in the game.

The team looked ready as we gathered under an unfamiliar blue sky for this our second game this season. The week previous we’d played the Portage la Prairie Pitbulls in Portage and handed them a 45 to 6 loss. We looked confident, but not cocky.

For the first half the two teams battled for field position and the defenses keep the offenses off the scoreboard. The two Ryan’s “Click Clack” Crocker (#71) and “Hitman” Bergen (#88) got into the backfield and made their ball carriers uncomfortable. Adam “the Assassin” Hannah #6 and Jean-Luc “the Snake” Perron #99 ran down anyone escaping the rush.

Back and forth went the momentum and by the half the Mustangs knew this was not going to be easy.

Into the third quarter the Grizzlies began to loose the battle for field position and St. Vital punched it in.

Our offense just could not get untracked and their huge defensive line began crash through the Grizzlie O-line. Bad went to worse and we found ourselves down by 20.

The fourth quarter saw our defense hold them, but our offense could not find the spark needed to right the boat and at the final gun we’d lost a tight one to a good team.

We can be proud of the team as they played with grit and determination and gave the Mustangs all they could handle. We never gave up and kept scrapping until the very last whistle.

On this day the Mustangs prevailed, but the Grizzlies will go away lick their wounds learn from the loss and come better prepared to play the next time we meet the south end horses.

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