Grizzlies Pee Wee Orange crushes Transcona Nationals Grey

Grizzlies vs Nationals
Photo Credit: Debbie Brown

The Transcona Nationals hosted our Crescentwood Grizzlies Orange team this weekend. The Transcona facility is one of the best on the circuit and the club’s fresh BBQ hamburgers are quite legendary. There was a big crowd on hand as the Transcona cheer team of young ladies urged the crowd to cheer for the home team.

This Sunday morning we are playing their Grey team. The two teams hooked up earlier this year in the Transcona pre-season tournament so they are not completely unknown to us.

Transcona grows huge offensive linemen and this team is no exception with their 12-year-old line weighing in over 1,000 lbs. We are an undersized team and our O-line would be less than 500 lbs with rocks in our pockets.

Their left side employs two kids over 6 ft. tall and both are pushing 230 lbs. As we wait for the game to start these two monsters and a couple of other beefy Nationals line up and stare across the gap between the benches at our squad. Our kids see them and Mike Raaflaub and Wyatt Aysan begin to chatter about their size. Quickly the coaching staff huddled up the small group talking to them about how hard we’ve worked and how we’ve practiced to use our speed to work against these bigger teams. Being a small team we want to teach our kids not to fear the big guys.

The two sets of team captains take the field and are given instructions by the officials. The Grizzlies will kick to the Nationals. Our kick team takes the field and Ciara Okumura “the rocket” blasts a kick towards the sidelines. Their returners have some trouble finding the handle allowing the Grizzlies pack to descend on the receiver.

They take possession in their own end and it’s a quick three and out as the Grizzlies defense establishes its dominant position.

The first and second quarters fly by as the Grizzlies score a quick bunch of TD’s and we play most of the game in the Transcona end of the field. Into the third quarter the clock begins to run continuously once the point spread reaches 30.

This Nationals team is a bit ragged and needs some more practice if they are to compete with the circuit’s elite teams. They have the size, but they lack the skills needed to make the most use of their superior size. They quit blocks too early and aren’t working together to gang tackle and block.

As the score becomes more lopsided we switch up both our offense and defense, putting players into other positions to give them some experience. Our backs move to receiver slots and line positions. We make a quarterback change from Garrick Teranishi to Sam Narvey and work in a new running back tandem.

One of the highlights of this game is the block made by “Big Dog” Dustin Jackson to seal the corner and give the Train Trevor Wright the corner allowing him to rumble for a big gain.

Martin “The Monster” Adaro, a defensive lineman turns around just in time to catch an errant pass from the Nationals QB and our bench explodes with joy as Martin, a well-liked rookie this season, has not seen the ball very much toiling on the D-line.

Another rookie, Liam “Ironman” Stewart flattens the National receiver who is trying to turn him away from the play and then a couple of plays latter, with nothing but air between him and the goal line, this rookie cornerback just misses an interception for a touchdown. He pounds the ground in frustration, but it was a great job just getting in front of the receiver and he’ll catch the next one I’m betting.

Our star tailback Trevor Wright broke a few long runs for touchdowns again before being relieved in the second half and Julian “Downtown” Brown took one in for major as well, earning some early backslaps from teammates. Sam Narvey and Aleksei Minarik also grabbed six pointers on some great running and diving catch.

Our defense played a huge game not allowing the Nationals even a sniff of the goal line. Lead by Ethan Stenberg “Big E”, Ryan “Hitman” Bergen, Cody “Sledge Hammer” Cranston, Shale “The Rock” Lafleur, Jean-Luc the Snake Perron, and Ryan “Click-Clack” Crocker they overpowered the Nationals running game dropping them for losses with regularity.

The Nationals regularly surrendered field position on kick-off’s by not catching the ball in the air and letting it bounce another 30 yards down field. Receivers bobbled the pigskin loosing a couple offensive opportunities to turnovers. Football is a field position game and starting so deep in your zone on every possession is tough.

Let’s just say the scoreboard stopped once it had reached a 30-point spread early in the second half and the Grizzlies won easily.

This week is key to our season with three games in eight days. So our next challenge comes Wednesday evening when we take on the Charleswood Broncos at the Nomads field under the lights. This is a supposed “home game” but Crescentwood has no lights, so we have to take it on the road.

We know Charleswood will be a well-coached team, so we expect this to be a bigger contest than the Transcona game and a challenge we are looking forward too.


Concerned Parent » Oct 7th 2009, 16:46

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I think that before a artical is printed the facts should be known. First of all there is not one player that is 6ft on the Nationals team. Second the O-line is closer to 700lbs not over 1000lbs. Third it is not mentioned that Transcona was short key players on both sides of the ball due to injuries. Forth the comments made about needing more practice and playing well coached teams is insulting to hear for this age group, Transconas team has over 40 years of combined coaching experience and they practice 3 days a week.
If you look at the stats both teams finished 4-4 however Transcona had a much more difficult schedule facing the toughest teams in the league, and defeating much more challanging teams then the Grizzlies Orange.
One fact that should be known is this past week end The same Transcona Nationals Pee Wee grey team crushed the Grizzlies 66-40 Even after the Grizzlies head coach ordered his team to hurt the Nationals key player. Another fact is that Transcona may have had a bad game (which can happen at this age) our fans were very respectful to the grizzlies. This past weekend the fans of the Grizzlies black almost had the head coach of the Grizzlies ejected for calling the fans of Transcona Trash.
It takes a poor newpaper and a poor club to belittle a team when the win and when they lose call the teams parents name and the coaches of the Grizzlies start fights with the coaches of the Nationals. The Nationals did not get penalized at the end of the game however the Grizzlies coach did for calling the Nationals coach a horibble name. At the Nationals the kids are instilled honor and respect win or lose. I cant say the same for the Grizzlies. Remember these are 11 and 12 year old kids a little and it is clear which club is teaching better life lessons.

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