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Zumba class brings people of all ages together for a great workout
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Watch out Winnipeg, the latest workout trend has arrived. Zumba classes are being offered all across Manitoba.

The term Zumba came from Colombia. It’s an onomatopoeic word that describes the buzzing of a bee, and it also means moving fast.

But you still might be wondering, what exactly is Zumba? It’s a program that focuses on Latin rhythms and dance moves to create a one-of-a-kind workout that is guaranteed to make you sweat.

The workouts are interval training that is designed to tone and sculpt your body at the same time burn fat. People participating in the class learn routines using fast and slow rhythms to raise their heartbeat and keep it at a high level of intensity.

According to Zumba Fitness, since 2009, the program has been taught at over 40,000 locations in 75 countries worldwide and five million participants take Zumba classes every week.

The story about how Zumba started is anything but ordinary. Beto Perez, a Miami based dancer and choreographer, was walking into his weekly aerobics class and realized that he had forgotten his music.

With a class full of people waiting for him, he grabbed some meringue and salsa tapes. He was forced to improvise an entire hour long class to this music. Little did he know that this class would be a hit and become the most popular aerobic workout class in Miami.

But if you have a hard time getting to Perez's classes which are now in Hollywood, Amanda Gill, a trained Zumba instructor who works at the University of Manitoba, is the next best thing.

Gill describes what people can expect to happen in a one hour class. “We start with a 10 minute warm-up using steps like meringue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton with slower movements. Then for the next 40 minutes we do moves that you would find in aerobics and dance classes, which will get your heart beating and the last 10 minutes is a cool down,” says Gill.

But there’s more to the workout than good music and fast dance moves. “You definitely feel like you’ve gotten a good workout, but you don’t even realize it because you’re having so much fun. You’ve broken a sweat which makes you feel good and the end is very calming, so you really feel that mind body connection,” says Gill.

The U of M offers classes on Thursday, Friday and Mondays.

Zumba classes are offered at various locations across Manitoba as well. For dancers across Manitoba, it’s a class that brings you back to your feet and Gill agrees.

“It combines my two biggest passions, which is dance and fitness. It’s an hour of fun, it’s a blast and everyone should try it.”


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