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  • Posted: Dec 15th 2009, 10:50 / Written by: Ezra Ginsburg
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Are you in the market for an out-of-town, five-year-old black and white paint mare but have no idea which website to visit? Have you been looking for detailed information about your neighborhood rodeo association but seem to be clicking away endlessly through Google’s search results?

Well, prepare to giddy up to a website that may be able to solve your conundrum.

Cowboy Classifieds, the brainchild of two businessmen from Alberta, caters to the ranching/farming/rural community with targeted ads and listings designed specifically to meet their personal and business needs.

Although online classifieds sites are ubiquitous on the ‘Net these days (Kijiji, Craigslist,, they typically focus on an “everything goes” approach and thus are heavily populated with ads for apartments, cars, electronics and well, anything you can imagine.

Offering online classified ads, business listings, events links and bios, Cowboy Classifieds has a compilation that aims to cut through the dizzying online maze out there and make perfect sense for those who need the information most. 
And at just over a year old, the site is growing rapidly.

Cowboy Classifieds currently receives the majority of its visitors and traffic from Western Canada, but international visitors from all over are encouraged to post ads, sign themselves up in the business listings section and contribute to the sprawling online community.

The idea behind Cowboy Classifieds is to provide an opportunity for visitors to easily search, interact and connect with private owners and public enterprises that are involved in the farming, ranching and rodeo communities and provide a resource for events and bios to be posted in a location which can be updated and accessed easily.

Like Kijiji and Craigslist, posting an advertisement on Cowboy Classifieds is free. Included with a basic ad is a description, display photo and a five-picture thumbnail gallery. Businesses can post a listing for a small fee which is always cost-effective when compared to traditional forms of advertising, namely newspaper and Yellow Pages listing. Biographies and event listings are also available to members of the website and are an essential part of linking the “cowboy community”.

So tighten up your belt buckle and check out Cowboy Classifieds today and get clickin’.

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