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Brielle Cara and Bianca Zak (foreground), both 10, watched Crosby's golden goal at Silver City Polo Park
Photo Credit: Chris Gareau

The crowd goes wild as Crosby and his Olympic teammates celebrate his golden goal that put an exclamation point on Canada’s performance at the Vancouver Olympics.

Over two hundred people in Winnipeg screamed with joy after watching the exciting goals in high definition and feeling the bone jarring hits vibrate through their chests in surround sound at Silver City Polo Park live on February 28, 2010.

Brielle Cara, 10, said she wants to see more hockey games and would visit the movie theatre for other events because “it’s a bigger screen than just a regular TV.” The eardrum busting bursts of sound from each bodycheck and roar of the crowd at Canada Hockey Place in Vancouver also impressed Brielle.

More events to come to a theatre near you

Brielle has many more live streaming events to look forward to, according to Cineplex Entertainment communications manager Georgia Sourtzis. Cineplex Entertainment owns Winnipeg’s Silver City, Kildonan Place, Garden City, and Cinema City movie theatres.

“Definitely, we grow our events year over year. Our alternative programming department researches different events that are available, and decide what we can show at any given time. I believe it will continue to grow,” said Sourtzis.

There are no plans to show the 2012 London Summer Games yet, but CTV’s 2010 Olympic coverage was just the latest event streamed live into theatres across Canada

Cineplex Entertainment started streaming live World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) events in 2002. Now the company streams events as varied as opera from the Met in New York and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) matches, both of which will be screened in Winnipeg before the end of March.

Other theatres are looking to cash in on alternative programming, but with varied success.

“For now we haven’t found a model that works where we can actually explore (live streaming). We definitely would like to find alternate uses for the theatre as well,” said Clare MacKay, manager of marketing and communications at Winnipeg’s Imax theatre.

MacKay did highlight what Imax offers that is not traditional movie going fare. School trips are big business for Imax.

“We do get about 45,000 students through here every year through our educators program, so it’s not just movies that we put at night. It is a big part of school curriculum as well,” said MacKay.

Gamers in on the big fun

After watching a documentary, those kids also have the opportunity to play video games on the huge screen and with the huge surround sound. $175 needs to be saved in the piggy bank to get two hours of game time.

MacKay says gamers come to play once or twice per week and recommends anybody trying it come in groups of about 10 to balance cost and game play time.

Both Imax and Cineplex theatres also offer their theatres for rent to companies looking to literally make a big impression with their PowerPoint presentations.

Cineplex is taking steps into the future by combining the popular 3D format with live events.

“In the States they actually tested 3D NBA basketball games,” said Sourtzis.

No set date on any basketballs bouncing out of a screen near you, but not all are excited by the idea.

“I don’t like stuff flying at me,” said Brielle.

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