Olympic celebrations boost Winnipeg restaurant sales

Moxies Classic Grill Winnipeg
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With the 2010 Winter Olympic Games coming to a end on February 28th, businesses that have been televising the events might be feeling some relief.

But not the relief that they want.

During the Olympics people were flooding into local sports bars to watch the games. Whether it was the gold medal men’s hockey game or the women’s figure skating, there was no shortage of food and drinks being served.

Moxie’s Classic Grill, located in the MTS Centre in downtown Winnipeg, saw a major influx of business during the games.

“The Olympics brought in business. I think the major impact it had though was that people wanted to stay a long time in the lounge and have more drinks,” says Chris Singh, manager at Moxie's.

Normally people who sit in the lounge leave in under an hour, according to Singh. But when the events were been televised in their restaurant, people were relishing the action.

“Once someone would start watching an event, they wouldn’t want to leave before it was over. Sometimes people would stay for 2 or 3 hours,” says Singh.

22 year old Brianne Funston and her girlfriends were some of those people at Moxie’s enjoying the Olympic coverage.

“We loved the intensity at Moxie’s. Lots of people, good food, it was definitely a great place to watch the events and being in an arena gives you that sporty feel. “

But this Moxie’s in particular won’t necessarily be slowing down very much for the next couple of weeks.

Being housed in an arena provides action for this restaurant. With Tim McGraw, Hedley and Billy Talent slated to perform this month, this classic grill should not have to worry about lack of business anytime soon.

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