Roll up the rim to waste?

Losing Roll Up The Rim cups and a reusable one
Photo Credit: Anna Harrison

We all want to do our part to contribute to a sustainable environment. We walk instead of drive, we avoid plastic bags, and we carry around reusable cups for our coffee.

Coffee shops like Tim Hortons even encourage this by offering a 10-cent discount on hot drinks when you use a refillable mug.

But their Roll Up The Rim To Win campaign may contradict their sustainability efforts.

At the end of January 2010, Red River College in Winnipeg participated in a one day EcoMug challenge. The green reusable mugs were sold at a discounted price of $2.

It was wildly successful, with RRC students, staff and regular Tim Hortons patrons buying Over 550 of them in six hours.

But that was January and now it’s March. Tim Hortons annual Roll Up The Rim To Win contest has kicked off and some customers are receiving and accepting paper cups even when they fill their reusable cups.

Customers roll up the rim of their paper cup and can instantly win anything from a free doughnut to $10,000 or a Toyota RAV4.

Tim Hortons cups can be recycled but not all locations have the facilities to do so. The store at the Princess Street Campus does not.

Martin Lehmann visits that Tim Hortons every day. He brings his own mug, but doesn’t have a problem taking an empty one to participate in the contest.

“To win that money, the T.V., the car. I’ll take it, yeah,” he said.

According to the Tim Hortons contest rules you are not required to buy anything to participate in the contest. They state you can write to Tim Hortons and they will mail you a free empty contest cup.

Managers at three Tim Hortons locations in Winnipeg were not aware of any way for patrons to participate in this contest without using a paper cup.

There is however a contest online where customers can sign up for a chance to win free coffee for one year.

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