All green all the time

Imagine being able to clean a washroom without using any chemicals.

Pretty cool, eh?

Well, look no further than Ted Fagan’s all green, all the time cleaning supplies, Eco Mist Solutions,

By now you may be harbouring a few doubts on how such a product can clean a toilet without any added toxins or chemicals. If so, consider this: The all purpose cleaner Fagan says he uses to spritz and scrub his porcelain is the very same he uses to wash his fruits and vegetables.

In fact, Fagan, the president of the Woodbridge, Ontario-based company also says he uses the degreaser (yes, the same one uses to scrub his barbecue) to brush his teeth in the morning.

“That’s really the only way to show people how natural my products really are,” Fagan said. “Take this for example: I cleaned a poultry barn of 40 000 chickens, then took a sip of the degreaser I used. You can’t do that with any other product, I promise,” Fagan said matter-of-factly.

He notes that there’s a long list of cleaning products around the world that like to call themselves green, but still rely heavily on some sort of toxic ingredient.

“I use my products for everything: shaving, cooking.. It’s safer, it’s healthier and it really works, too.”

Fagan incorporated the Canadian-owned and operated Eco Mist Solutions Inc. in 2005.

The company develops unique plant-based cleaning products using a technology called colloidal chemistry, a technology that uses food grade ingredients to form particles that help break down the hydrocarbon bonds in grease.

The unscented products are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and non-allergenic. They’re also biodegradable.

They are made from natural, renewable ingredients, which include: processed coconut extract, grass, corn, sugarcane, tree sap grains, soy and non-chlorinated water.

According to Fagan, that will often sway the customers in his direction – most notably those who are chemical-sensitive.

Shopping for green products can be overwhelming at times. There are numerous companies vying for product superiority, so how do you choose the perfect one?

“It’s quite simple,” Fagan states. “The bottom line is this: if you’re looking for green products, you need to look at two things. Read the labels, and do your research on some of the ingredients,” he passionately explained.

“If you do that, you’ll quickly realize that the long list of so-called green products gets shorter and shorter.”

Eco Mist products can be found at Home Depot locations across Canada.

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