Winnipeg developer curls onto Wii

A shot of the action in an early version of Wee Curling
Photo Credit: Complex Games

Wee Curling will definitely be a game of firsts

Developed by Winnipeg-based Complex Games for the Nintendo Wii it will be, according to its developers, the first game developed in Winnipeg to be released for a major platform.

While curling has been a staple of Olympic video game releases for years, there has never been a dedicated curling video game released.

Featuring cartoony graphics, the game looks to emulate the style of actual curling using the Wii’s Remote Controller to mimic delivery and curl of rocks, as well as the physics of sweeping. It also hopes to see the real world of curling enter the game.

“One of the features we are looking to add to the game is the inclusion of real world major events, like the Brier and the World Championships,” said Noah Decter-Jackson, the President of Complex Games, “we are also hoping to be able to get big name curlers involved in the game.”

This hope shows, as screenshots and gameplay footage that have been released to the public show characters with names similar to those of real curlers such as “Furby” (Randy Ferbey), “Simmons” (Pat Simmons) and “Murdock” (David Murdoch).

Other possible features of the game would include the free guard zone. The popular four-rock rule has been absent from previous releases.

While this would be the first major console release for Complex Games, this isn’t their first foray into the world of gaming.

They have also created Pirates Ahoy for Facebook users as well as a small handful of games for release on Apple’s iPhone including massively multiplayer Star Alliance, the action-strategy Solaria and the tactical action game Warlocks.

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