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If you’re a Winnipegger looking for a one-stop shop to chat with friends, find movie times and check your bank balance, you’re just a click away.

That’s the idea behind, which went up on March 17, 2010 in its beta testing stage.

“It was based on the popularity of how people are using the internet, and realizing that in the city there wasn’t really anything that was trying to bring everybody into one general area for community, but also allow them all the quick information about the city,” said David Guspodarchuk of Fresh Traffic Group, the internet marketing company that started the website.

Jenna Nelson, a member of, calls the site the “Facebook for Winnipeg in the social networking sense, but so much more.”

Nelson wrote in an e-mail message that the site is an “almost one-stop shop to learn about the city and make friends. I think all cities should have something like this.”

Chatting with friends, posting videos, creating blogs, and updating one’s Facebook status are just some of the things members can do on the site.

They can also get information on such things as events, gas prices, restaurants and road conditions.

“I would say the ideal way of using the site is, two friends are chatting and talking about what their night’s going to look like and decide they’re going to go to a movie,” Guspodarchuk begins, “and both quickly click the movie tab and go through it, and then they’re like, ‘I’m not sure how much money I have in my bank.’ So they quickly check their banking, and from there their evening’s planned and they find everything right through the site.”

Members can also post business listings on the site at no cost. Guspodarchuk says more and more companies today are looking at social media as a way to interact with clients.

“I think what’s changed in marketing is that no longer do you tell the market what your brand is,” said Guspodarchuk, who noted there will be some advertising on the site. “The market tells you what they want your brand to be.”

Dr. Chris Notley, a chiropractor, athletic therapist, and strength and conditioning specialist, is one member who has posted information in the business listings.

“I find that social networking can be an effective tool for advertising considering that most business comes down to word of mouth,” wrote Dr. Notley in an e-mail message.

Guspodarchuk says the aim is to officially launch the site for May 1, 2010. A $250 prize is being offered to the member who gives the best constructive criticism of the site as it goes through its test period. As of March 22, 2010, had over 160 members.

Even though Fresh Traffic Group started the site, Guspodarchuk says he wants Winnipeggers to shape its content and design.

“Ultimately we want it to be driven by the community,” he said. “We don’t want to be posting our own forums and running our own events. Ideally, we want the community to be driving all the information on the site.”

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