Beauticians' time to shine

Allied Beauty Association's 2010 Toronto Competition
Photo Credit: ABA's Facebook fan page

It only comes to town once a year – and no I am not talking about the circus.

It’s Canada’s largest beauty exhibition – the Allied Beauty Association’s trade show and competition at the Convention Centre in Winnipeg April 25 & 26, 2010.

The ABA has over 265 corporate members and represents 90 per cent of the beauty supply industry, according to the association’s website – it also has 942 fans on Facebook.

The event is targeted towards Canadian beauticians and is in the process of making its way across the country - having already held an exhibition in Toronto and Montreal.

At the end of April, Winnipeg will be host to 30 exhibitioners such as L’Oreal Professionnel, Redken 5th Avenue NYC, and Sexy Hair.

Krystle Mcdougall is a hairstylist at Chatters Canada Limited. She attended ABA’s exhibition for the first time last year and is excited to return.

“For discounts on tools, new product info and the free demos/classes that are offered on the floor,” Mcdougall wrote in a Facebook message when asked why she chose to attend the show again. “Finding out what new products are on the market and getting the tools I need at like a one stop shop kinda deal.”

Barbara Bangle has been a stylist for 18 years and owns Warren Hairstyling. She has regularly attended the show for 17 years but has chose to break the streak.

“I will not be attending this year, I have found that the quality of the show has declined over the years. I attend classes thru out the year that I find more beneficial and better quality of training. They do cost more money but it is worth it,” said Bangle in a Facebook message.

The determining factor of why Bangle isn't attending is that two major suppliers she carries in her shop are not attending the show - Beauty Systems Group and Canrad. However, Bangle also wrote she has enjoyed her past experiences at the exhibition.

“I enjoyed the ABA show for many years, the main competitions were done in the middle of the show and that added alot more excitement!”

With a month left until the big hair and beauty day, the online catalogue has been posted outlining when competitions and seminars will take place.

The ABA’s website states that, “It’s more than a trade show,” and two-day passes costs $45.

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