Puppy pain treatment

Libby (left) will be going for her first assessment at Natural Healing Veterinary Care for her hip dysplasia pain.
Photo Credit: Courtney Rutherford

People tend to go to the chiropractor for pain relief and dogs can now visit the same type of doctor.

This treatment is designed specifically for pets. It is non invasive and is supposed to help maintain the agility and performance of your pet.

If your dog falls while playing or slips during the winter, it may appear fine after a few minutes. But a day later, when the dog starts to feel the pain, the thought of going to the veterinarian clinic for an assessment is anything but a walk in the park.

Natural Healing Veterinary Care located on Corydon Avenue is Winnipeg’s newest holistic approach to Veterinary care services. Their services include Chinese herb therapy, acupuncture, physical rehabilitation and chiropractic. It is places like this that provide pet owners with an alternative solution to their pet’s problems.

“My dog was licking her paws incessantly. Her paws actually turned a rust color from licking so much,” says Alexandra Gilhen, pet owner.

After she took her dog to the veterinarian clinic several times and her dog was given a few different medications, nothing seemed to be working. “We decided we would rather try the natural route rather than pumping her full of medication she didn’t need,” said Gilhen.

That was when she tried natural healing. “She went four times to get adjusted and to have acupuncture treatment and the licking has completely stopped since,” says Gilhen.

But there are other reasons why natural healing can help your pet. “We had a Bichon Frise and we took her there because she had A.D.D. She was behaving so badly and we thought that it would help her with her learning problems,” said Kristina Stevens.

Taking your pet to the vet can be a very stressful and nervewracking experience for your furry friend. However, natural healing makes the appointment less stressful, says Gilhen. “The doctor was amazing with dogs. She has a huge couch in her office and she lets the dogs sit on it while she sits on the floor and feeds them cookies so they are comfortable beforehand,” says Gilhen.

Natural healing also applies to horses, guinea pigs, cats, and other animals.

Animal chiropractic has been a part of chiropractic care since 1895. To become an animal Chiropractor you need to have graduated from a Veterinary School of Medicine. The school needs to be accredited by the Council on Education of the American Veterinary Medical Association, according to the Canadian Animal Chiropractic Certification Program's website.

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