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I recently completed Creative Communications at Red River College as a broadcast major. I lived in Winnipeg for eleven years, originally from the lakeside small town of Lac du Bonnet. I have now relocated to California, as I am eager to gain experience in the American media.

My original intention was to major in journalism, but the flashy technology of the video production world lured me in. Luckily, our Broadcast Journalism course gave me an opportunity to get some writing and reporting experience.

Several of my videos can be found online, including one by local reggae favourites, JFK and the Conspirators as well as one with singer/songwriter Brenda Boonstra. I've also produced some video and audio projects under the name three-way productions, with two good friends, Swani and Kirsten. We recently won an award for cinematography at the University of Winnipeg Film Festival.

This past year I've been working in the Northern California city of Auburn, at a news and information radio station. I've gained a lot of great experience on and off the air, on the boards and at the mic!

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Stabbings, swarmings, shootings... One Great City!

I grapple with my first experiences as a reporter

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Winter has hit early this year and then it is only appropriate to start the debate regarding people riding their bikes in the winter.

Craig Becker » Dec 14th 2007, 07:09

Perhaps if traffic laws for bikes were more s...

New Family Moves Into Neighbourhood

While it may seem like the dust has almost settled on the launch and hiatus of WinnipegFirst, there has been a lot going on in the background.

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This is fantastic news. There are so many gre...

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Parties wage war of words regarding formats; Chamber drops debate

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While the word "desperate" describes McFadyen...