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Manitoba not a great place to visit!

Travel Manitoba smart to not spend $500,000 to advertise at Disney World!

What has happened to common sense?

Frustrated with lack of common sense.

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Diamonds: Maybe not a girl's best friend?

Diamonds might be a symbol of love and generosity but social and ecological problems mean the real price of diamonds might be more than they're worth

T M » Nov 23rd 2007, 10:02

It's true, the diamond thing is a ploy by the...

Winnipeg Church cancels Aboriginal Dancing at Habitat Event

Habitat for Humanity event has performers rejected by local church.

T M » Nov 15th 2007, 23:26

I have not been an Indian my whole life eithe...

Taser death spurs debate

Amnesty International is asking for a moritorium on the use of Tasers after death in Vancouver

T M » Oct 17th 2007, 22:41

Jim, who are you venting about? I don't see a...